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We offer expert guidance throughout the entire African art value chain. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, we empower you to discover, invest in, and appreciate the brilliance of African creativity through art.

Art Acquisition & Portfolio Building

We have seasoned curators who tap into their deep knowledge and understanding of the African art market to identify emerging and established artists, tailored to your specific taste and investment goals.

Art Authentication & Appraisal

Uncertain about the authenticity of an artwork? Our expert team is here to provide exceptional guidance and evaluations, ensuring the authenticity and value of your art acquisitions.

Art Investment & Diversification

Our expert team provide a curated choice of trending artworks to help you diversify your portfolio beyond traditional assets.

Art Management & Logistics

From secure storage and insurance to expert packing and transportation, we handle every aspect of your art collection with meticulous care.

Art Restoration & Conservation

Preserve the legacy of your artworks for future generations with our skilled restoration and conservation services.

Private Sales & Auctions

Access exclusive opportunities to acquire or sell artworks through our curated private sales and auctions.