Buying & Selling

Patrons Private Sales provides a customised service for all collectors including those looking to acquire their first painting or work of art and connoisseurs. We also assist collectors in sales and management of their estate.

Art authentication / Appraisal

We assist collectors in the authentication of their (old and new) collections including arranging certification by the artists where possible, and appraisal of the collections.

Art Storage and Insurance

We offer dependable art storage for all kinds of artworks including sculptures, paintings, prints and other valuable, secured by a reputable security company, while also offering advisory of alternative storage. Our art insurance is excellent for individual and corporate collections.

Packaging and transport of artworks

We are an emergent first-rate art moving company in Nigeria.

Our mission is to fill the gap created by a lack of professionalism and dedication in the business of handling and moving art objects from and within the country.

Our network includes close associates and seasoned overseas counterparts  facilitating efficient and far reaching service. Our clients include museums and galleries world over, and we handle contemporary works for temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Our facilities include specialists groomed to meet museum standard practice with regards to transporting, installing and preserving works of art.

We produce crates with fumigated wood, for any works of art, and with a secure interiors completed with cushions well-lined  to protect from shock or vibration, while preventing friction damage. Our design specifications are conceived to be highly functional, elegant and tasteful, and our finished packages are expertly sealed to prevent defects from climatic changes.

Our storage is secure, strictly monitored and regulated.

Whether by air, road or sea, our services are efficient, safe, cost effective and timely.